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N. Korea has been taunting US for years, is Trump taking the bait?
Fonte: cnn.com
26/04 - North Korea put on a muscle-flexing display of artillery power Tuesday to mark a national holiday and thumb its nose at ...

German crowd hisses and boos Ivanka Trump
Fonte: cnn.com
25/04 - Ivanka Trump defended her father at a women's panel in Berlin Tuesday after attendees hissed and booed when she attempte...

United passenger swung fists violently, officers' reports say
Fonte: cnn.com
25/04 - The United Airlines passenger who was left bloodied and bruised after being forcibly removed from a flight earlier this ...

North Korea conducts live-fire exercise
Fonte: cnn.com
25/04 - North Korea's military staged a "large-scale artillery drill" around the Wonsan region in the country's east on Tuesday,...

Flynn may have broken law over Russia payments
Fonte: cnn.com
25/04 - President Donald Trump's former national security adviser did not properly disclose payments from Russia and does not ap...

Did Trump just cave on the border wall?
Fonte: cnn.com
25/04 - Just days after insisting that any spending bill to keep the federal government open include more than $1 billion for hi...

Trump voters clash over his shifting views
Fonte: cnn.com
25/04 - A handful of voters who say they backed President Donald Trump in the 2016 election butted heads on a panel discussion t...

Stop letting rapists marry their victims, Middle East activists demand
Fonte: cnn.com
25/04 - Several Middle Eastern countries are facing growing pressure to close legal loopholes that allow rapists to escape punis...

Trump pokes fun at his own ambassador
Fonte: cnn.com
25/04 - At a lunch at the White House on Monday with more than a dozen UN ambassadors, President Trump poked some fun at his own...

Satellite captures snapshot of life under ISIS
Fonte: cnn.com
25/04 - ...

UK party vows to ditch Brexit plan if elected
Fonte: cnn.com
25/04 - Britain's main opposition party has vowed to scrap Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plans if it wins the general elec...

Russian reporter who uncovered gay crackdown forced into hiding
Fonte: cnn.com
25/04 - A prominent Russian reporter who revealed horrific details of a crackdown on gay men in Chechnya has told CNN she is in ...



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