5 Tricks to Have More Followers on Instagram

Welcome to our guide to find out in a practical and simple way, how to increase Followers on Instagram.

With our tips in this tutorial you can find out how to quickly get more Followers on Instagram in an easy, simple and clear. Thanks for the visit and good continuation from PcGuida.com on our website dedicated to Instagram, Phone, Internet and Technology. Here's how to get more Followers on Instagram Ee did an extensive research and we collected new strategies to put into practice immediately to increase the followers on Instagram. So let's find out how the thing works in practice and what you need to do to increase the number of followers on our Instagram account.

How to Increase Followers on Instagram

It was June 6, 2018 when we published the first guide on Instagram and since then this social network owned by Facebook, which allows you to share your photos, has reached over a billion users. So we decided to offer you other suggestions that you can read below. Here then 5 Tips to Increase followers on Instagram:

Number 1 - Instagram and Facebook

The first thing to do, for those who have not yet done so, is to connect Instagram to Facebook. In this way your friends on Facebook can follow you on Instagram and especially if you're new to Instagram, you can already get the first followers. On the other hand, in any activity done independently, you always start from your friends.

Number 2 - La Constance

As in any other thing, constancy is always a strong point and constantly publish photos on Instagram allows you to have a profile always updated and at the same time to have more followers. In fact, unlike an updated profile rarely, which gives the feeling of an account abandoned to itself, a user who constantly updates the profile, increases the likelihood of receiving new followers.

Number 3 - Using the Right Hashtag

Hashtag is very important and must therefore be used correctly to make the difference. In fact, thanks to the Hashtag it is possible to reach a large number of users and for this reason they must be studied and planned, even before being inserted. The right Hashtag is the one that can lead you to easily reach new followers in a short time. Although Instagram on the date (23/07/2018) supports 30 Hashtag, you should never make heavy use of them and never exceed the limit of 9 Hashtag to publication. In other words, better than a few and sensible, that many are not very relevant or irrelevant.

Number 4 - Not Just Photos

Videos, stories and live are great ways to interact with old and new followers. In fact, bringing news and good news through stories, interesting things through videos and get in touch with old and new followers through a live, can quickly increase the number of followers.

Number 5 - Writing in English

English is the universally recognized language and if you write in English you can count on a vast audience present beyond the borders of your country. In this regard, writing in English will allow you to reach a large number of people who could start to follow you in the world.

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